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Posted by: Marquee Global Coaching and Professional Development on 08/29/2016

Living Your BEST Life is POSSIBLE!

Living Your BEST Life is POSSIBLE!

There are many books written and researches done, however in this article I will be sharing with you the eleven easy steps I have used over the years to enhance the way I live my life and you can do them daily to enhance your life too.

Note that life is not complicated…we just make it complicated and extra sophisticated for ourselves because we enjoy DRAMA in our lives, however when we realize that we are not in Hollywood things becomes so much more doable . So take a deep breath and let us start at the beginning.

Step One:

Start paying attention to your overall health.

  • Spirituality Health
  • Mental Health
  • Nutritional Health 

Notice that I broke this section into three sections because each section depends on the other for proper balance. We cannot function when there is no balance our entire system will be in turmoil and causes mass confusion both for us and the folks around us.

Complete ORDER is the name of this game.

Do not design your action plan base on any other person’s need and plan you are a unique person in every way …what works for someone else may not work for your needs.

TRUST your heart every step of the way.

Step Two:

Maintain better Interpersonal Relationships... you know yourself better than anyone else knows you. Choose your associations well and make the proper investments in them because you can only reap what you sow. our relationships are a great part of our legacy and when damage, most times are unrepairable to our regret.

I place my emphasis on interpersonal relationship above however please do not neglect other relations because they are as important as you build your new lifestyle.

Step Three:

Applied knowledge is the key in improving intellectual health.  We need to strengthen our minds in every possible way that we can, just like we exercise other parts of our bodies.  Being intellectually healthy means that we are engaging and challenging our brains. I enjoying playing scrabble and solitaire. Note I play three different hands of scrabble because I have not partner.

  • Travel to new places. This is one of the best ways to learn new things and stimulate your mind.
  • Do new activities
  • Do puzzles. There are many things you can do at home to stretch your brain. Try crossword puzzles, or challenging board games.

Step Four:

Be willing to make the necessary changes.

YES change is painful, the reward is well worth it.

Step Five:

Set some new goals for yourself. Regardless of your age you can always accomplish something new.

Step Six:

Start living your LIFE in the present “NOW” because this is all that we have. Take full advantage of it.

Step Seven:

Stop living your life with expectations of others. Just let people be themselves and enjoy them as who they are. Don’t work to change them…They are ALRIGHT.

Step Eight:

Each day is a blessing, be sure to learn something new. There is still so much more we can learn so take the limits off yourself.

Step Nine:

Self-discipline is a valuable asset to have. Nothing adds up to when we are able to hold ourselves accountable.

Step Ten:

Make your boundaries very clear to the people around you and be sure to respect their boundaries as well. Clarity is very important, where there are not clarity then there will be conflict.

Step Eleven:

Be true to yourself, be AUTHENTIC always and VULNERABLE when there is a need to.

These are the basic steps as you master these you will find yourself searching for more advance ones to enhance you BEST Life.

I have included a LIVE Stream Broadcast I did on the topic Please enjoy it.

Dr.Daphne Clarke-Hudson


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